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Lai Mohammed Reacts To Nnamdi Kanu Clip, Issues 24hrs Ultimatum To Israel

Lai Mohammed
The Minister of Information & Culture

Nnamdi Kanu’s location recently exposed in a video clip has attracted a lot of mixed reactions.

Speaking on the video, the minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammed, told the press,

“We are giving Israeli government 24 hours to deport Nnamdi Kanu back to Nigeria or we will take a harsh action against them.”

Nnamdi Kanu, was the leader of the pro-Biafran separatist group in Nigeria.

Since, October 2017, He was allegedly kidnapped alongside his parents by the Nigerian Army  in Afara, Umuahia, Abia State.

Since the alleged kidnap, Nnamdi Kanu has not been seen in public only to be seen in the video clip, praying in Israel.

Most importantly, The Separatist leader had been on bail and suddenly went missing on the eve of his trial on treason charges.

His disappearance provoked speculations amongst Nigerians and roused protest from his followers.

Biafra was declared a ‘terrorist organisation’ in mid September by the Nigerian Government.

But, Members were accused of attacking military checkpoints in Umuahia, the state capital of Abia state.

Besides that, a video clip showing the alleged kidnapped leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB),

Nnamdi Kanu while praying in Israel has surfaced on social media causing mixed reaction amongst the Nigerian citizens.


SOURCE;- Nairaland

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